Drop-in LGBTQIA+ Friendly Volleyball

Incorporated in August 2014, the Spectrum Volleyball Calgary Society was established with the aim of providing a welcoming and enjoyable volleyball experience for LGBTQIA+ members in Calgary. Our vibrant community encompasses players of all skill levels, engaging in recreational, intermediate, and competitive levels of both indoor and beach volleyball.

Spectrum Volleyball proudly carries the torch previously held by Inner City Volleyball, which, since 1981, operated under the name Apollo – Friends in Sports, a pioneering multi-sport organization that united various sports groups in Calgary. In addition to upholding this legacy, Spectrum Volleyball hosts the immensely popular Western Cup tournament, attracting over 30 teams and more than 230 athletes annually from across Western Canada.

Excitingly, we’ve recently introduced indoor beach 4-on-4 tournaments, which were met with resounding success and will remain a fixture in our future events. Visit our Tournament page to explore past gatherings and register for our upcoming tournaments. COME OUT & PLAY !!

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